Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Melgar de Fernamental

Technical Specifications

Characteristics: Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Location: Melgar de Fernamental (Burgos)

Customer: SOMACYL

Completion time: 8 months for the completion of the works and 24 months of operation

Status: Completed and in operation


The water process consists of pretreatment, biological treatment through the extended aeration of activated sludge with removal of nutrients, clarification and the return of treated water. The sludge process includes the extraction and pumping of surplus biological sludge to thicken it, the recirculation of sludge to the biological reactor, the thickening of stabilised sludge, and the conditioning, dewatering and storage of dewatered sludge. Construction of the treated water outlet. Construction of the connection between the DWTP and the existing central sewer in Melgar de Fernamental.